Ghost Widow gets a spotlight on her Master x Master incarnation

Well, that's better.

While very few veteran City of Heroes fans were happy about the inclusion of Statesman in Master x Master for a variety of reasons, the inclusion of Ghost Widow should be less controversial. Partly because that outrage has already passed, but also partly because it’s Ghost Widow, who is just pretty darn cool. It’s not Penelope Yin or War Witch or Scirocco, but it’s still one of the game’s cooler characters.

“But how does Ghost Widow actually play?” you ask, and that’s actually a very good question! You can find out in the video just below, but the short version is that she’s a nuker capable of stripping buffs and savagely hurting enemies suffering from other debuffs. It may be a bit unusual to see her on the side of the angels, but it does mean you can bring a bit of that psychic undead fun into your game.

Source: YouTube
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