Black Desert begins cookie events, introduces party search features

Every MMO needs events themed around cookies, am I right? Black Desert’s patch today does just that with the “Pit-a-pat Fortune Cookie” event launching today.

“From midnight, July 5 till July 26, adventurers can choose Pit-a-pat Fortune Cookie or Fortune Cookies for Rookies from the Achievement section to get one Fortune Cookie,” the patch notes explain. Rookie cookies (I’m sorry) grant Black Stone armor and weapons, while the Pit-a-pat flavor grants random daily quests.

The other headlining element of today’s update is the new party search function, which allows party leaders to advertise their group with a text blurb, minimum level requirements, and cross-server offerings.


Party Search function has been added.

  • You can access Party Search function from the ESC menu.
  • From the Party Search window, you can see parties that are currently recruiting, and you can also post a recruitment ad.
  • You must be a party leader or not affiliated with a party at all in order to post an ad.
  • A recruitment ad can contain up to 30 characters.
  • You can set minimum level; your current level will be set as default.
  • Recent listings will be shown on top, and listings from your current server will be shown first.
  • You can only apply to join parties that are on the same server.
  • Applying to join the party will prompt a pop-up window to the party leader. Upon the leader’s approval, you will be joined to the party.
  • The pop-up window will show your name, class, and level.
  • If you want to join a party on a different server, you need to switch server first before applying.
  • You can only search for recruitment ads.
Source: Patch notes

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Wait… BDO has group content that isn’t mindlessly grinding world bosses and doing PvP?

Like this game practically has no cooperative elements or reasons to play with friends/groups unless you’re PvPing or grinding world bosses. You’re actually encouraged NOT to group with others because it cuts down on the exp you get from grinding, which is 90% of what the PvE in this game is about.


It’s had group content for a super long time man. Aakman (58-60) and Hystria (60+) were two group balanced dungeons added with Valencia. Both are good XP and loot with Aakman being where Tungrad Earring pieces drop and Hystria being where Tungrad Necklaces drop. Also most of Kamasilvia’s content is group oriented for Part 1 and they added more group content in Part 2.

They took the feedback people gave them, there isn’t enough to do in a group in this game and Aakman/Hystria wasn’t cutting it, and designed future content (Kamasilvia) with group focus in mind.


The party finder is a nice addition but it’s already overrun with spam, as is the rest of the game.
Why there isn’t more moderation I have no clue, you can pick a random time and record 1 minute’s worth of chat log and without fail you’ll have an abundance of racism/hate/shitposting it’s disgusting.


I haven’t turned on general chat in mnths. Once the 3 servers merged, the toxicity went through the roof. Due to the fact that I was from UNO, I can only assume that the other 2 channels were where the majority of the children played & Uno players got forced into their mix.


I turned mine off for a while and now I can’t get it back even if I try :)

Probably gotta delete settings and it’s like…no thanks, not worth.


Party Search feature is pretty great, but there’s a lot of spam in there unfortunately because they removed the energy/loyalty costs that are in KR.

Otherwise there’s a lot of group activities that the game doesn’t get highlight for because you have to spam for groups. It’s much better if instead of having to sort through world chat spam if you can just look on the list and find a group especially when each spam costs 100 loyalties.

There’s also a lot of group content coming with Kamasilvia. For example the new Hystria like area for 60+ players with 230+ AP in KR where each player gets their own loot off the mobs and it actually gives pretty decent XP for that level. There’s existing content as well such as Aakman dungeon and of course people like to group up for Sausans and XP grinding as well.

Over all good addition, but could use a little moderating.


Not sure why we need the party search option – unless it’s for the future. Currently, Pearl Abyss seems content to buff the most popular grinding area, while abandoning everywhere else. Since Sausans are so easy/profitable, it actually is detrimental to group for it, unless you are at the very low end of the recommended AP (at which point, you are simple PK bait anyways). Perhaps Kamasylve will change that? One can only hope!