Gigantic highlights the backstabbing fun of Tripp

Stabby stabby

Every game needs one character who slinks around in the shadows and stabs people in the back, and in Gigantic that character is Tripp. Of course, there’s more to Tripp than just being a hooded lady killing people, as she also has a whole lot of lightning elemental powers to boost her higher. You can check out her ability overview and gameplay highlights in the new video focused around her, although it’s hiding down below the cut. (Stealth types are like that, they always hide.)

Not that you always have to have Tripp sitting in stealth; while she can turn invisible at will, complete with either an AoE stun or a movement increase when invisible, she’s also able to slide across the battlefield, throw daggers to mark targets, and ultimately dive to an enemy and deal high amounts of damage. Check out all of her kit in the video along with an overview of how to put those abilities together, and keep your eyes open if you know she’s on the battlefield.

Source: YouTube
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