Crowfall’s Cleric rises from the ashes of the Legionnaire


Farewell Legionnaire, hello Cleric! As part of the Crowfall development team’s decision to decouple races and classes, the former Legionnaire archetype dissolved in the aftermath and was reshaped into the new Cleric.

As this week’s class reveal explains, the Cleric is downright perfect for players looking for a sturdy frontline healer who can also deal out melee damage without getting pounded into the ground too quickly. This new class is, as the team explains, “easy to play, ranged, healing, buffing, along with the sturdiness to take a severe beating as they would no doubt be the focus target in any fight.”

The Cleric comes with a high baseline of support power for charged-up heals, a pair of “oh crap!” powers, a useful toolkit, and a spirit hammer that he can throw at a medium range to thwack enemies upside their heads. Players can pair the class with┬áHuman, Stoneborn, Half-Giant, Centaur, and Guinecean races at launch, although more combinations should come later.

“The Cleric has a great base powers kit,” the devs wrote, “but swap out powers with discipline powers to make even more sturdy, or offensive, or support. Really cool block which heals!”

Source: Crowfall
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