Rumor: Is En Masse publishing Closers Online in the west? [Update: Likely!]

We’ve been keeping half an eye on Closers Online since at least 2015, but with no clear sign of westward movement, that half eye was all we spared. But today, there might just be hope. MOP reader Ephekt has pointed us to a blooper in a recent Kritika Online stream that appears to show Closers Online in the community manager’s En Masse launcher, suggesting that the company may indeed have unannounced plans to port Naddic’s action-combat “MORPG” across the pond.

We’ve reached out to En Masse for a statement and will report back when we have it. [Update – it’s down below!]

(Image has been edited to remove the community manager’s email address.)

Source: Twitch. Thanks so much, Ephekt!
An En Masse representative made the following statement to Massively OP this afternoon in response to our query:

“An official announcement may be CLOSER than you think.”

Well then!

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This would be really nice to have if it turned out somewhere down the line as a thing that happened, because we haven’t had a really decent Anime-themed Hack’n’Slash side-scroll’er since Rusty Hearts, and sadly we all know how Rusty Hearts turned out. :(

I still kinda miss Rusty Hearts.

Grave Knight
Grave Knight

En Masse confirmed to be punny nerds.


So to get this all pigtailed straight…Closer Online is published by Nexon over there I believe. Nexon is also a publisher for Bluehole Studio’s TERA over there. En Masse is a publisher of TERA for here which it is a subsidiary of Bluehole Studio to my understanding from over there. To which now En Masse is publishing Closer Online (rumored) for here…

…so yeah, even if that is clear as mud, it sorta makes sense. o.O


The game is an absolute bore to play.
Like all other brawler games, there is absolutely nothing to find but grind, grind and more grind.

Just play Streets of Rage with a friend, you won’t waste hundreds of hours replaying the same shitty levels with copy/pasted monsters.


I’ve been also playing it. The gameplay is good enough to keep you playing for a long term as expected from the Elsword team but the UI is the worst I’ve seen in a while. If Enmasse picks up the game it will be a good move on their part (One 3d + One 2d game) since they “failed to get his hands on Soulworker online” (¿)

Also, If you ask me what’s my general opinion about the game. I could say for sure that its a gold mine.

Indigo Salma

Just play the private server. High rates and custom features. And lots of giveaways and free stuff.


No thanks, GM Violet.