Dogma: Eternal Night will let you order around your own mortal minions


After a protracted period of self-induced silence, the Dogma: Eternal Night team has slipped out of the shadows to whisper dark tales of its progress in bringing this moody vampire MMO to the market.

One big feature that the team has focused on as of late is a minion system that allows players to order their slave “mortals” around on various tasks for rewards. Through this system, players will be able to vie with others for control over the establishment and the city as a sort of blood-sipping crime lord.

The game has a new client and an updated website is one the way for the near future. Also in the works for the alpha build are better graphics, the combat system, and a brand-new slice of the city that includes a club. “We are now focusing on gradual introduction of game mechanics so that characters can do more than just wander the city,” the team reported.

Source: Dogma
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