Tree of Life adds ghost archers to ruin gankers’ day


Now that the fantasy sandbox Tree of Life has officially launched, what’s next for this game? The answer is obvious: ghost archers. Did you even doubt it?

The team is adding these spectral bowmen to protect lowbies in the early zones from unwarranted ganking: “The ghost guardians for each gaction are patrolling around the novice areas and attack the adventurers from their enemy factions. The successors of your factions are now protecting their descendants.The guardians are invincible, shooting strong arrows. Note that those guardians go through the walls and the buildings since they are ghosts.”

Now that makes us want to be able to play as the ghost archers, so let’s make that happen, developers. Yesterday’s patch also added more animals out in the field, a new level 5 arrow tower, a longer cooldown for resurrection, and some graphical improvements.

Source: Steam. Thanks Twotridents!
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Toy Clown

MMOs need to be clearly labeled “Forced PvP” when they allow no-skill, open-world players to gank without repercussion.


How about gankers lose the privilege of using the games resurrection system?

So once they start killing lowbies their characters become hardcore (permadeath.)


Given how ganking and stealing and such was a big problem in the early days of Tree of Life’s, well, life… I don’t see how they’re surprised that it’s a problem when they enable it again instead of making the faction system optional to join into.

Shiro Madoushi

I’ve always liked the idea of adding powerful “good” monsters and npcs into a game world as a punishment for evil players. They eventually become hostile to those that steal from or murder other players. We aren’t talking weaklings either. It should be an inconvenience for the bad guys to run into them. There should be few places a bad guy can relax or go afk in the game world.