Tree of Life launches and goes ‘beyond the journey’


Last week, colorful sandbox MMO Tree of Life slipped the bonds of early access and launched itself into the wild blue yonder of live operation. If you played it a while back, you may be startled to see how much it’s changed in the meantime. In fact, the team has subtitled the game “Beyond the Journey” to indicate that this is almost a completely rebuilt game.

The release version of Tree of Life includes the warden tree building system, guilds, factions, the mastery system, a better UI, more mounts (ever want to ride a chicken for some reason?), more decorations, and the new Clay Engine 2 game client.

The team re-released an official launch trailer but also threw in a nice new wrap-up video of the early access period to thank the community for all of its help. You can view both of these after the jump.

Source: Steam

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I would have commented the day this article was posted but I was too busy playing Tree of Life. This game is fantastic. It’s more similar to a 90’s Virtual World MMO than a modern survival game. Players who love the virtual world genre will relish it. This is the closest thing to a 3D Fantasy Sandbox on the market.

No, it’s not perfect, but they are heading in the right direction. The dev’s have been very timely in issuing hot fixes and have been listening to the community.

If you’re curious about trying the game I urge you to get it and give it a go. It can be confusing for the first couple of hours but once you understand the controls and the mechanics it becomes very intuitive and addictive.


Wait, in the pic with the article…Did that guy stab an animal in the head with a fork, and knock its teeth out with a ladle? Am I seeing that right??

Jeff Lewis

I’ve ALMOST bought this probably close to ten times now. However, whenever I read the discussion boards on Steam or read reviews it always seems like there is something really off with the game. I think it looks fantastic but I have a feeling there is some work to do yet. Saw a video where two guys were fighting each other and there appeared to be contact but on screen they were really far apart.

Daniel Boldin

I need to Explain to EVERYONE who looks at this video, That is NOT THE GAME. That video shows things that were in the game in the last two years, The Sharks Attacking the Base, Music Instruments, and how big you can make your base are not in the game. There are other points as well not in the game.

Our Group is playing the game, We have a lvl 5 Base, but everyone is getting bored. There is 0 End-Game, and PvP is 100% broken.

The Dev’s also have 0 Communication with the player base. There is one sole Community Manager whose job is to basically say Sorry all day long.

Even with a Community Manager, I was stuck in a hole for 72 hours, before bunch of players helped me out, Tickets, and forum threads did nothing to fix the issue, and other players whom have put in tickets are getting the same results.

A Dad Supreme

“…The Sharks Attacking the Base, Music Instruments, and how big you can make your base are not in the game.”
What sharks? I’m getting old but I didn’t realize my eyes are that bad.

The only thing I saw was possibly the Guiness World Record for Shortest and Least Informative Release Trailer for an MMO .

Daniel Boldin

The Monsters they have in the game are Shark Like Creatures.

You’re Right, they Made a New Video to Replace the one they put out when they announced the Launch. It’s the Video you see when you go to their Steam Page.


…the walls built around that pink tree are ghastly! :(

Oh wait, that’s not the point of this post. You should of linked that at the beginning to save the confusion. But you linked it now, so thanks. :)


I’m afraid some of us are getting bored too. I also think the ridiculous recipe ingredients + insane mob difficulty for at least the first 20 levels is a hindrance anyone who wants to progress lvl basd like say ark or rust would just give you the recipes for logical shit around you. There are a couple small hindrances like this that has turned me off from grinding so damn much. Honestly, people in my guild achieve their rank in weapons by standing on their fence and hitting bears & treants. That shouldn’t be necessary to just get to the level hours or days later to kill said bear or a treant in a zone next to the noob zone. It’s weird. I love it, I still log in daily, but without some tweaks and more endgame content to work on there’s going to be a lot of people in our guild leaving.


“…and PvP is 100% broken…”

Actually, that’s a good thing if that means no PvP. Where do I sign up? o.O