World of Warcraft’s Bloodsail pirates are throwing a beach party for Talk Like A Pirate Day


Arrrr and assorted other pirate cliches. Yes, it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day, which means some MMOs are getting in on the fun. That includes World of Warcraft, as Blizzard tweeted this morning.

WoW players have but one day to take part in the event; run down to Booty Bay, grab your drink from the Dread Captain, and don your corsair outfit, which grants you The Captain’s Booty achievement – the one time every year you can do just that.

According to Wowhead, this year’s event has a fun new twist, which is probably what we’re seeing in the gif that Blizz has been tweeting: “The Bloodsail pirates are throwing a new beach party on the Wild Shore.” There’s a new buyable toy for folks who’ve completed the Avast Ye, Admiral! quest as well.

Source: Twitter, Wowhead
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Space Captain Zor

Arr, mission accomplished ye scurvy dogs!