NCsoft is already sunsetting MOBA Master X Master


NCsoft announced this evening that it will sunset its relatively new MOBA Master X Master, explaining that the game just “wasn’t enough to take on the established juggernauts.”

“There is no easy way to say this, but regretfully, we will be discontinuing our service for MXM, with the final day of the game’s life to be January 31. Deciding to close the game is not a decision we come to lightly, but ultimately it came down to a matter of business—we explored several options, but none of them were sustainable. We truly believe that MXM is special, and offered a lot of new ideas to change up the MOBA genre, but in trying to carve out a niche for itself, we failed to connect with players.”

The company will compensate players with a stack of cash-shop currency, refund all purchases made from August 30th to today, and turn on all game modes for the remainder of the game’s life, which will come to an end on January 31st.

The game originally launched in June of this year and was generally well-liked by our early testers and players alike, though its rollout was admittedly marred by the contentious decision to include City of Heroes characters.

Our condolences go out to the game’s staff and playerbase.


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Joshex Dirad

I read this from TitanNetwork. quite interesting.. yet Titans reaction is to suspect that this may mean there is a chance the deal to get City of X back could now go forwards without obstruction such as NCSoft using the characters somewhere else. good reaction and possible, but if you dig into this further and see the similarities in the message it could also mean there is something legally toxic about City of X that an inclusion of any of it’s elements = lawsuit, or at least a hate group against it with loads of cash may exist.

I have long theorized that there may be such a hate group responsible for shutting down city in the first place. It could be lots of things, it could be racism towards the west by korean businessmen who want to make a bunch of people different from them cry (that could have been their goal in buying it from the start), It could be a political group against motivating people to learn constructive teamwork (something CoX players are famous for with their yearly cash drives for charity etc.) [AKA “Smart Sheeple are Dangerous” insert monty python bit here]

I largely think it’s political, look at the strains each political group all over the world is going to to ally themselves internationally and gain control of media! not just the news either their ideology even spans in to the entertainment sector. Naturally they want to overtake the gaming sector as well but last I checked they weren’t sure how to do so successfully (people wouldn’t buy their political concept games, gee I wonder why?), I guess they decided “if you can’t join’em destroy’em”

that or it was all a nemesis plot.

It kinda argues against my previous opinion that the software license needed to run the server image expired (cryptic AKA PWE NCSoft’s competitor owned that software), and that PWE declined to allow the software to be relicensed to their competitor = make their own engine or shutdown. it seemed logical as that would leave them a big financial burden to keep the game running thus leaving shutdown as the only option. who knows..


I loved this game but could not invest any time into it because it was extremely obvious this would happen within the year it was released…and here we are.

NCSoft took years to get it out of testing (isn’t this a port of another regions game?), locked everything behind paywalls or extreme grind and limited modes and playing for most things.

Really poor management overall. There just are not enough WASD moba type games around, I guess Battlerite will have to do for now.

James Crow

so… its still interesting to me that ncsoft not pull the plug on wildstar.
and i have to say WS is one of my fav mmo in the past years.


And this type of management makes me hesitant to fully invest in GW2

Kickstarter Donor

we explored several options

Sounds familiar…hmm, where I have I heard that before.


The only positive thing coming out of this is that Statesman dies again!
The character was even blander than Superman and the pairing of developer Emmert with Statesman never fit. Also, btw he’s Zeus.

Logan Darklighter

In retrospect I’ve noticed a couple of things –

1) NCSoft used almost the EXACT same wording for MXM’s sunset that they used for CoH. Not that that’s of any great import. Probably standard boilerplate by now. BUT – it says something that NCSoft HAS a “standard boilerplate” for the notification of closing games…

2) They released in June, charging people as much as $100 for “founder’s packs”; then, announced a close five months later, which is just enough time to ensure no credit card chargebacks.

Hopefully this will drive the hard lesson home:



Perhaps they do enough sunsetting now that they just use a template and find/replace the game name.

Roger Christie

Only NCSoft.

Matt B

Heh. Sidebar ad is for Hunter X Hunter.

Sally Bowls

I just remembered, hopefully correctly, that a NCSoft exec said they were on a March Fiscal year but did calendar-based staff budgeting. My guess is that means someone in Korea is making a spreadsheet with headcount for various projects and divisions. My guess is that there will be some growth in headcount but otherwise it is a zero-sum process; if you want 10 more people for Project M that means 10 fewer from other projects.

I did not want to be too negative (for me) but omg Bree pegged that needle below. Anyway, my completely uninformed guess is that if Wildstar makes it through the next month or two, then it is in the budget for 2018 and has a good chance to make it for another twelve months. If there is a some event next year NCSoft could rebalance, but being in the ’18 budget would give Wildstar some inertia to KCCO.