Shroud of the Avatar’s newest mine borrows from Greek mythology


If you fall into the trap of thinking of every fantasy mine as a dark cavern full of Temple of Doom-style trolley tracks, then Shroud of the Avatar would like to disabuse you of this assumption. The devs are hand-crafting the game’s Elysium mines, which is about as far from tropeville as you can get.

“The visual inspiration for this mine comes from the Minoan City of Knossos in Crete,” the devs wrote, “where the original Labyrinth from Greek mythology was said to have been. The glowing river is partially inspired by the river Styx, and is closely associated with the spirits wandering the labyrinth.”

The team is getting ready to head out for the holidays, but before that happens, there is one last release (on December 14th). Portalarium raised $75,000 for the game through a December 1st telethon and got $2,889 to donate for last month’s Movember.

Checking out Shroud of the Avatar during one of its free trial periods this month? The studio is pointing newbies to the New Player Welcome and Player Created Resources forums to get them off to a good start.


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Alex Hyer

I hope they had to pay $500 to “borrow” it.


Well, “Greek”. Actually pre-Greek, Minoans.

Raimo Kangasniemi

Mycenaeans who spoke Greek did take over on Crete around 1450 BCE, but yeah the Minoans probably were more closely related to non-Greek Indo-European speakers like the Luwians in western Anatolia.