Savage Hunt’s website brings Dragon’s Prophet sequel online


With Gamigo’s near-stealth launch of Savage Hunt, a sequel to the now-defunct (at least in NA) Dragon’s Prophet, a new website is born.

The official site for Savage Hunt is now live following the game’s launch on December 6th. Players can check out the news, read through the Book of Dragons, check out some media, and connect with the community. There’s also an event going on right now to kill a special dragon in the game and be entered into a chance to win a gaming PC.

Savage Hunt is an action combat MMO with more than 600 types of dragons to tame and collect. These dragons lend players their skills as a sort of mix-and-match class system. There’s also housing, because your 600 dragons need a place to crash after a day of forced servitude.

Source: Savage Hunt

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Castagere Shaikura

The only real change is that they pulled all the dragons that were in the cash shop out. So you can get them all without spending money. And i just heard they upped the mobs health in the upper lvls. But other than that its the same game. People have been posting questions about whats changed and why the name change and not one reply from a dev or cm.

Dug From The Earth

So its the same game engine/graphics etc?


It seems to be a relaunch.

Castagere Shaikura


Ben Stone

I thought that might have been the case when I watched the video, looked like the same game repackaged. A bit deceptive, it is like calling SWL the sequel to TSW.

Nemui Byakko

yep, they made 2 things:
1) all dragons, formerly from cash-shop, now free
2) but you will need place to store the dragons you tame, right? Bad news: you get only 2 slots for free, all others you should buy for cash, and prices are much higher. And you will need special items to tame rare dragons. They are also cash shop only. In DP you can buy many things for tokens from dailies, here – no.
Old DP is still running. So it is not a relaunch or sequel. Just servers with other ruleset for quick cash grab.