Lineage 2 Revolution patches in 50v50 guild battles and 30v30 open sieges

Lineage what, now? Huh?

Mobile MMO sensation Lineage 2 Revolution has rolled out a big update today. Netmarble says the patch includes plenty of content for fans of large-scale PvP in particular as well as new servers to spread out the apparently burgeoning playerbase (spread across 54 countries).

The first new bit is Fortress Siege, a Friday night 50v50 guild war that clans will have to bid to participate in. The other is called Open Siege, and that’s a 30v30 battle open for everyone level 11 and up.

“In celebration of the Open Siege update, the schedule for Open Siege will be adjusted for the first week of the update: A total of five Open Siege will be held – Wednesday (December 13) and Saturday (December 16) on the first week, and Tuesday (December 19), Thursday (December 21), and Saturday (December 23) on the second week. Schedule will resume to every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from the following week. (Schedule is subject to change with notice).”

Source: Press release

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David Goodman

The game isn’t really that engaging. You mostly tap the auto-whatever button and watch your character do the thing. Additionally, there are about 10 other “sub-systems” in the game that they push you too that are pointlessly complex. (not complex as in hard to do, but they do things in a deliberately round-about way), and it provides an illusion of depth that the game simply does not have.

I feel like they are pushing advertising and promotions for this game in a similar (if upgraded for 2017) way that World of Warcraft did on it’s release. Every other streamer I watch has a “this is part of a paid promotion” video about this game.

It’s pretty though, I guess, but … c’mon, there’s no shortage of battery-destroying pretty games on mobile. It has the same kind of social features that every other Eastern gacha game has.

Bottom line: Even if I felt this was an MMO, I don’t want an MMO experience on mobile. If I am in the mood for something that requires my focus and attention like an MMO, I want to play it on my PC, in an environment and time (not during my commute) where I can give it my proper attention.

Filippo Chinello
Filippo Chinello

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this “thing”.
Cash shop is literally spread over every single pixel of the game, with prices that go far beyond any logic, even worse than black desert. I’ve hit lvl 70 and left the game.
Also: there’s no game. it’s just a click here and watch what happens for the next 3 mins, then click again and repeat