Black Desert’s Mystic is fully playable today, just watch out for the yeti

Did ya roll your Mystic last week to get all your free loot in the MMO we just named most underrated of 2017? If not, then you should boot up Black Desert today as you can actually play her, not just play character customization. The game’s seeing the benefit of the client optimization Pearl Abyss has been talking up too.

“With the release of the long-awaited Mystic, please enjoy leveling this dazzling class while stacking up on cool rewards. Meanwhile, the abominable Yeti, Piku, has been sighted near Alejandro Farm. When the blizzard hits, that’s when you know Piku has appeared. Make sure to have a special Frosted Matchlock to take this monster down. In addition, a notable announcement we want to make is that our game client has tremendously reduced in size where its 27 GB now!”

Don’t forget that Kakao is running specific level-up events right now to make catching up with the new toon a bit easier and more rewarding. Massively OP will be streaming some Mystic gameplay tonight, so check back on OPTV at 8 p.m. EST this evening!

Source: Patch notes

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Toy Clown

I started up BDO again a few days ago and I’m already sucked in. How I’ve missed this game! While the Mystic didn’t appeal to me, I started up a different class and I’m surprised at how much easier it is for a new character to catch up, and also at the additions in the new character experience.

They’ve taken time to create cut scenes that give the lore straight up and with the 100% experience for new and returning players on Olivia, leveling is quite fast. They also give out more items and coin to new players as well. It’s made the entire experience more enjoyable. I’m hooked again! (Goodbye FFXIV!)

Indigo Salma

I wish they gave out a character slot , now i have to wait 1 day for a character to be deleted =.= .


Literally can buy one for 1 Loyalty. You get 100 Loyalties per day…

Loyal Patron

I actually took at step back from BDO a few months ago. I planned on waiting for the mystic release, and then getting back into the game so i could level one up and have some fun as a tanky beast.

Now that it’s here though, I just can’t be bothered to download the game….

Kickstarter Donor

Welp, guess I’ll log back in to see the improvements to the client at least. Picked this up last year, played for a week and then set aside…and haven’t found the time to pick it back up. Not for a lack of wanting, but more because I never feel like I can carve out sufficient time to dedicate to the game to really dig in and enjoy it.

Damnit, now I’m going to have to figure out which character to roll since I’ll be totally lost on my old valkyrie. Too many characters that I want to play though, damnit!