Fortnite kicks off Battle Royale Season 2


Christmas or a new season of battle royale? With Fortnite, both are feasible, desirable, and doable.

The nominally zombie-themed survival builder kicked off Battle Royale Season 2 today, which will run through February 20th. There’s a new battle pass that pays out in cosmetic loot the more you play and level it up.

The holiday spirit is alive and jingling as well, with new store items, a festive “battle bus,” and a snowball launcher. Players should keep a sharp eye out during their battles, because the team planted gifts around the island to enjoy.

Patch 1.11 also includes emotes, a pair of new daily quests, support for wide resolutions, frame rate improvements, and a global inventory system.

Source: Fortnite. Cheers, Kinya!

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