Rumor: Blizzard’s next title involves vehicles and may be an Overwatch spinoff

Not like that, no.

There’s a title under development at Blizzard that’s been hiring for a while now, but no one actually knows what it is. So when a new job opening goes up looking for people familiar in working with vehicles, the assumption that the title has vehicles in it seems… well, rather natural. Another job listing is just looking for a software engineer, which doesn’t suggest much about the content of the game.

The current speculation is that the title is some sort of Overwatch spinoff, although nothing has been confirmed or stated about that; it just matches the first-person design requirements, some job listings have mentioned familiarity with character sheets in existing Blizzard properties, and there’s more than enough material to mine out for more games. But what does it actually entail? We won’t know until these positions are filled and something is actually announced, sadly.


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Hopefully it will be an Overwatch story-driven MMORPG/FPS and the vehicles will be player mounts.

Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross

Yes, yes, OH GOD, YES! My body is ready, Blizzard. Please try! The last one they did was Rock’n’roll racing, but clearly something Mario Kart-esque would be my preference ;P

Danny Smith

rocket league clone. id bet good money on it


Could be Starcraft related. Would fit the fps and vehicle parts pretty nicely and has been a while since there’s been a new update for the last one.

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks making the base portion of Starcraft II free could have been a means of preemptively bringing the franchise back into the spotlight ahead of an announcement.

Cristiano Diaz

I would love to see Blizzard do a Marvel Heroes style ARPG, where you can switch characters on the fly, using the huge roster of characters across their various games. Kind of a cross between Diablo and Heroes of the Storm. It probably won’t happen, but one can dream, especially now that MH bit the dust.


Rock & Roll Racing is making a comeback?

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Due to their secrecy they are almost as good in creating rumors as in creating games.

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Oh man, after reading the comments, now I want Heroes of the Smash and Heroes of the Kart. Make it happen Blizzard.


They are jumping into the survival pool.

Blizz survival game just like PUBG. Vehicles. Its their MO. They jump in and try to outdo the best in each genre. Hit a homer with Overwatch and Hearthstone. Failed with HotS.

Id LOVE to see a Twisted Metal or Mario Kart style game in the blizz universe. It would be amazing.


I don’t see how they failed with Hots by any means.

I’ve played pretty much every moba and Hots still continues to be my most played and favorite. Its finally coming into its own with the latest patch.


Okay is there been a leak somewhere at irvine?

No, not about rumours… I’m talking about airborne drugs from spilling containers :P

I’ll jump onboard the mariokart wagon. That or maybe a tutorial minigame teaching overwatch players what escorting a payload means. Hopefully that’s mandatory to play before booting their other game.