ARK: Survival Evolved comes to Windows 10, adds Xbox One cross-play


Like a stampeding triceratops, there’s no slowing down ARK: Survival Evolved these days. Studio Wildcard announced that it brought the game to Windows 10 and activated crossplay between Xbox One and PC crowds.

This means that fans can find the title as an “Xbox Play Anywhere” game and meet up with friends no matter which of the two platforms they are using. In fact, players can even use the same account and characters between both the Xbox One and PC, swapping at will. In addition to crossplay, the Windows 10 version allows the purchase and access to the Scorched Earth and Aberration expansions.

“For those wanting to jump into the crossplay experience immediately, you can do so by browsing our official server network for matches titles ‘crossplay,'” Studio Wildcard said. “We’ve launched 24 servers, a mixture of PvE and PvP, clustered by region available to play right now!”

The studio said that over 12 million players have enjoyed the game to date.

Source: ARK
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Melissa McDonald

Awesome good news. Cross-platform play should be a Gamers’ Right. Buy once, play anywhere. On any platform. We’re rapidly approaching a place where that can actually work.

I’m so pumped about their VR ARK Park. Screenshots look stunning. That kind of VR experience will knock people’s socks off if it holds up to promise.

Colin Goodwin

Hmmm…. Might pick up the expacs now that I can play with my….. Gaming PC deficient friends who play this like it’s a damn job. Lol


Justin Olivetti, you should word the article title better. Something like “ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED COMES TO THE MICROSOFT STORE ON WINDOWS 10” perhaps. Due to the fact that the game has been available on Steam on Windows 7/8.1/10 for what seems like forever now.