Pantheon recaps 2017 and looks at harvesting

Are you pinning your hope and hype in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen for future MMO entertainment? Then you’ll definitely not want to miss out on the January newsletter, which will no doubt do much to stoke the fires of excitement.

A bulk of the letter recaps the team’s accomplishments over 2017, saying that it was a “remarkable” year that saw the start of the pre-alpha testing phase, increased exposure due to conventions, livestreams with the developers, and implementation of new technology.

“My favorite would have to be the memory of watching the first players log in to the first session of pre-alpha testing and begin to scatter all over Thronefast,” wrote Creative Director Chris Perkins. “More than anything else, those moments at the beginning of pre-alpha sealed for me the honor and joy of what I get to do each day.”

To kick off 2018, the team took time to shine a spotlight on the game’s harvesting system. This encompasses five skills — fishing, gathering, mining, sknning, and woodcutting — that players can use during their adventures to extract materials. Harvesting will be a part of the alpha testing cycle at some point.

Source: Pantheon
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I hate to say it, but I really hope this game doesn’t become too popular, too hyped or god forbid the “Next Big Thing” in MMOs.


It just hit me that Pantheon is taking the lead in the classic, fantasy game now that Everquest Next isn’t a thing.


This game is going to surprise a lot of skeptics.

Dobie Gillis

The existence of pantheon in the mmo space is really needed in my opinion. I have ignored/game jumped in so many current MMO’s because of convenience and cash shops. The entire genre has forgotten what I love about MMO’s and turned it into lockboxes/ micro transactions. And in doing so, has kicked me out of their target audience. Pantheon, among others in development, will surprise the publishers that are successfully milking their fan base by showing them that all news dose not have to be bad news


I wish these guys all the best. Every time I hear the devs speak of their plans and vision it shocks me how aligned to my own interests (I’ve always made it clear than I am NOT a video gamer but, rather, an RPG and strategy gamer). It’s the development of a real fantasy world that interests me. Those who whine about the journey and only see the end game reach deaf ears with me. I do not even want to share a game with them.