The Black Death backs up and unloads a dump truck of beta info


No skimpy dev diary for you today, Black Death fans, because this studio is getting downright serious about sharing its progress on the beta of this medieval survival sandbox.

The Black Death’s dev team is obviously going flat-out these days if this post is any indication. Large AI improvements are in the works for NPCs that changes based on their type (beggars will ask for gold, spearmen will flank, etc.). Finding resources will be easier now that the beta has “fully procedural” spawns popping up based on where players are moving.

Other projects include the change from item quality to rarity, equipment slots for characters, a better UI, and improved visuals. This build should be loaded onto the beta test server already, so players can run it through its paces this week.


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I wish these guys luck, but a lot of the Steam reviews suggest this game is already dead.

Knox Harrington

A game that isn’t even out of beta testing is “already dead”? That about sums up everything one needs to know about Steam “reviews”.


It’s sadly just the state of early access on Steam these days it seems. A lot of games get a chance to make a first impression, and then again when they officially “launch”. Most, however, languish in development and never see enough success in early access to ever get them to the, now mythical, status of “launched”. Early access never should have been a thing, in my opinion.


Exactly. A big BS system. Reviews should reset once a game releases out of EA.


Yeah, well, Steam reviews, especially for a game in early access, are to be taken with a grain of salt.

No, it isn’t a complete game (duh). That’s about all it means.

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From the art stills I think I have a good release date for the game – Halloween.