Kritika Online brings the Monk out to play for the Chosen Path patch


If a dash of mysticism and a dallop of fist-punching appeals to your playstyle, then you might want to check out Kritika Online’s newest playable character. En Masse’s action MMO released the Monk class yesterday as part of the game’s first content update of the year, dubbed Chosen Path.

The Monk is a hand-to-hand fighter who can specialize over time as either a Star Monk or Void Monk. And speaking of character customization, all classes can enjoy the update’s new imprinting system, which allows for malleable abilities.

Kritika Online is also running a Monk leveling event that will give those characters (and anyone grouped with them) various in-game prizes. A separate Lunar New Year celebration is currently running through March 7th, with special firecracker boxes dropping during play.

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