Here’s something nobody saw coming, and by nobody we mean everybody: Sea of Thieves griefers are abusing the brig


Did you think Sea of Thieves’ patch yesterday, which aimed to address respawn griefing, was going to put an end to players’ torment? Yo-ho-ho not a single chance of that, me hearties. Not while the brig is still in the game.

As we’ve previously covered, the “brig” is sort of a milder version of vote-kicking found in other games; if you annoy enough of your fellow crew, they can dump you in the brig of the ship, locking you up until you apologize or whatever. Rare defended it as a “creative” solution that allowed people to roleplay their way out of a bad social situation.

But just as it did with its proposed (and since canceled) harsh death tax, Rare is now finding out the hard way that if you give a griefer an inch, he’ll take a mile, and now the tool meant to curb griefers is actually being used by them to, you guessed it, grief everyone else.

As Kotaku explains, the new stunt is being called “insta-brigging,” and it’s allowing small groups to hop into somebody else’s ship instance, take it over, and throw the original player into the brig for zero reason at all. Apparently some folks brig solo players hoping to force them to quit out, making space for a buddy.


Source: Kotaku. Thanks, Pepperzine!
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