Romain ‘Tilty’ Amiel departs Funcom and Secret World Legends

Secret World Legends players are in for a shock: Game Director Romain Amiel is moving on from Funcom. MMO vets will recall he’s been a fixture at the studio for 11 years, but he says he’s “decided to follow up on other opportunities.”

“My top priorities over the last few months [were] always to ensure the proper release and quality of Dawn of the Morninglight,” he tells players, referring to the SWL story update that just launched. “It seems that you’ve all been enjoying the new content (even if it felt a bit short… I know!). […] I’m proud to say that we’ve pushed the boundaries of what the MMO genre has done in terms of story-telling and immersion (rainbow unicorn masks aside maybe?).”

No need to panic, however: Chris “Nirvelle” Meredith will be taking over the helm of Secret World, Tilty says. Coincidentally, MOP’s MJ Guthrie will be streaming the game tonight on OPTV at 9 p.m. EDT, so you can join her in freaking out then and there.

Source: Twitter

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Matt Redding

I actually liked a lot of the things he did when he first took over from the dude who was between him and Ragnar. I know a lot of people weren’t as happy but if you keep in mind he had a shoestring budget and small staff he at least some stuff done and he really made an effort that if you got into the game a couple times a week you’d get progression. If nothing else allowing us to farm the heck out of the nightmare dungeons and get geared up to 10.x was great. I was not happy at all about Legends but I think the Producer Scott and the higher ups were the culprits there. He probably was sick and tired of sitting on 5+ years worth of plot that hadn’t been released and not seeing any updates. I remember one dev livestream he went off about Project Exodus actually being something that was WAAAAAY down the plot pipeline and he was irked that a reference to it showed up in Blue Mountain at launch. That’s how far out his end game ideas were.

What I’m really curious about is where he’s actually going to end up.

Stkmks Returns

I guess that makes sense. He probably meant well, just didn’t have the nuts to stand up to business management, so was a really bad lair. That could have explained his whole demeanor during the lead up to legends.

I want to hate the guy but I think the benefit of doubt should be applied in this case. He was just a dev and player at heart.

Edit: Nothing forgives the combat though. If they put the old system back… look all they had to do was redesign the optional template system, so it’s effective as it is in rift. If they just did that and left the old system in place I’d be playing it daily still (and not have found ESo)..,


Yaaaaaay! Party time!

This makes me VERY happy!

Tilty is a very good dev and an absolutely horrible director. This is better for everyone involved. I’d cheer if he ended up with Ragnar at RTG.


dont know what to say.If he was responsible for the story and the fantastic atmosphere of the game its terrible news.If he was responsible for the combat gameplay, the combat animations and the combat sounds, it can be a change for the better.

Bryan Correll

When does his job at Amazon start?

Oleg Chebeneev

I was sad when Ragnar Tornquist left TSW.
About this departure I dont feel anything.



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Can’t say I am a fan of all the things he oversaw with the transition to SWL but best of luck to him with his new opportunities whatever they maybe. Good luck to the new guy you will have your work cut out for you I expect.

Castagere Shaikura

Good for him. I hope he finds something that he likes to do. As far as TSWL goes going by how the Agartha zone used to be the game is really quiet now. That hub would always be full of players running around. Its hard to tell how this game is really doing these days.

Malcolm Swoboda

Its been busy every time I’ve visited, so I don’t know what you mean.


During the Beyond the Veil podcast( he said he’s not happy with his job as a game director and preferred his time as design lead/designer.

From what I’ve heard in this podcast it definitely is the right call for him, I hope SWL keeps going forward.

MJ Guthrie
MJ Guthrie

Making is SO much better than managing. And dealing with the Admin. I know, oh how I know. I totally regret moving up into management at one job. Going to miss you Tilty! Good luck going forward.