It’s been three weeks since Hand of the Gods players have had any news from Hi-Rez


Stretch your mind back to February 20th, when Hi-Rez’s SMITE-infused free-to-play online card game Hand of the Gods formally launched. The studio appeared to be actively supporting the game back then, with patches and tournaments and packs and Twitch promotions.

And then, just about three weeks ago, the information and update flow completely and dramatically stopped.

Reddit is freaking out. Discord is freaking out. The general consensus and concern is that the game is dead. One rumor floated in the game’s chat is that there’s now just one Hi-Rez dev on the game and he’s also working on another game, but we stress that’s just a rumor. Either way, the devs aren’t communicating with the public, players, and press about this launched live title; Hi-Rez’s Stewart Chisam, who recently told SMITE’s subreddit that he aimed to improve patch quality and communication between that game’s staff and players, has not responded to a public inquiry made by a prominent YouTuber. The playerbase is begging for information and simply getting nothing.

Massively OP reached out to Hi-Rez’s current PR on Monday for a statement about the game and its future plans. The studio has yet to reply on this topic, which actually concerns us as much as anything, given that Hi-Rez is traditionally friendly and forthcoming with us about its titles.

Source: Reddit, Discord. With thanks to Chris!
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