SMITE-spinoff online TCG Hand of the Gods is launching on February 20th

Hi-Rez’s online card game Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics is getting a real launch set for February 20th on both PC and console. The game is the studio’s fifth game to make it to this stage (though as we’ve previously written, the studio has quite a lot more in production).

Like SMITE, HOTG will ostensibly be free-to-play, but players will need to buy cards to stay competitive. Hi-Rez says to expect a core bundle plus three pantheon packs to start, with a combined fee of around $45 to nab all the existing cards – more than 300 – at launch.

“Owners of the Founder’s Pack of Venus Competitors Pack will receive the Core Set Bundle for free. In addition, anyone already playing Hand of the Gods will keep their card collection, and will also have any previously spent runes returned to their account. Players can still play for free and acquire cards over time like a traditional CCG. Players can also get a quick start at the game by purchasing just one Pantheon Core Set.”

Check out our most recent stream of the game!

Source: Press release
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Wait, really? This game is barely getting anyone playing it on Steam. All-time peak was 1773 players, right now only 59 are playing it as of me typing this. Maybe it’s different on consoles but I kind of doubt it.

Hard to see this game surviving unless the production costs are able to justify the small # of players, and it’s almost certainly gonna have to keep releasing stuff in order to milk however many whales are around.

Bruno Brito

I don’t know why Hi-rez are pulling all these bait-and-switches. Is this really that profitable?

Bruno Brito

Man, Hi-rez is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel nowadays, ain’t they? I assumed they were going to enter some predatory models after Paladins, but TCG? That’s as predatory as it gets.

Marko Zivkovic

Except Hand of the Gods is like one of the cheapest card games on the market. They throw gold and packs at you at every corner. Its pretty easy getting packs and cards without paying anything.

Bruno Brito

Still predatory. Being cheap or not is not a excuse to launch a game that requires money being tossed at it to be competitive.

Loyal Patron

Some people like TCGs. I enjoyed the TCG that always advertises on this site and this game cloned – Duelyst. *shrug*

Bruno Brito

I have no issues with TGCs, i have a huge issue with Hi-rez announcing a TGC after the Paladins new model. It’s suspicious to say the least.

While i have no issues with TGC, i don’t like the RNG nature of buying packs to stay competitive. Some people like Allods. I love it ( Rage of Mages IP ), but it doesn’t make it less predatory.