RuneScape fans can start buying RuneFest 2018 tickets… now

RuneFest 2017 at Battersea Evolution - David Portass/iEventMedia

Jagex’s RuneScape-themed fan festival, RuneFest 2018, is locked in for October 5th-6th this year, and tickets are officially on sale as of 11 a.m. this morning. The UK company is calling it “the biggest and best RuneFest yet,” partly owing to its new (and twice as large) venue in Farnborough (outside London rather than in it). Tickets run £150 (just over $200 US) and get you into both days of events.

“RuneFest 2018 will see a world first with the premiere of RuneScape Live, an exclusive performance of RuneScape music by the world-famous Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. […] While the theme for the eighth RuneFest will be revealed at a later date, the event promises to build upon previous years mix of announcements, LAN gaming, role-playing, and developer panels. […] Main stage showcases, big hitting entertainment, new activities and panel sessions, meet ups with JMods & Content Creators, all wrapped up in a new theme that will transport RuneScape and Old School players to iconic areas of Gielinor.”

The company is currently prepping RuneScape and Old School RuneScape for mobile, so that’s probably a good bet for content. We also know that the company is working on several other games, including some prototypes for a “mid-budget online title” as well as a “next generation MMO.”

Source: Press release, RuneFest landing page
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