Riders of Icarus adds reliquaries and maintenance compensation with today’s big update


Want to shake up an MMORPG’s status quo and stir up players’ excitement? Take a cue from what Riders of Icarus is doing today with its Reliquary Update and add a new type of gear altogether. These relics are thanks to the God of Ruin and his army littering the landscape with the new equipment type. Don’t get overly excited about the change, however, as the patch adds a grand total of one relic for high-level players.

Relics are found from world raid bosses and must be appraised (for a fee) before they can be equipped. Once a relic is appraised, its attributes and effects are revealed. Oh, and there’s a chance that the relic could be destroyed during this appraisal process. “Ooh, you got a new shiny? Let me identify it for you! Whoops. Broke it.”

Riders of Icarus is running an attendence event through June 7th that hands out rewards each day for the first week of a player’s visitation. These rewards include 10 days of premium service and a Black Dooly mount.

Worth noting is that because the patch took longer than expected, Nexon is dishing out some pretty nice stuff as compensation, including five 100% Health Recovery Potions, five Large Familiar EXP Potions, three Familiar Full Growth potion, two Lv. 240 Elite Tempering Stone, 10 Ellun, and a Mother’s Day 2018 Lucky Box.

Source: Patch notes
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