Meet Ascent: Infinite Realm’s Assassin and Gunslinger


Before you take flight with Ascent: Infinite Realm, you are going to need to choose the best possible class for you. Bluehole gave a tantalizing teaser of the first two classes that will be coming with this steampunk title next year: the Assassin and the Gunslinger. Both seem deadly, stylish, and capable. But which one will be the best?

The Assassin wears light armor and hides her face for that extra shadowy persona, and her concept art boasts snakeskin material and stockings. This, to the artist, conjurs up a “sexy but inaccessible and dangerous atmosphere.” Moving on to the Gunslinger, this light armor class is more about leather, metal patches, casual clothes, capes, and long goats.

The artists also showed off one of the beast mounts that will be in the game: “Tamed mounts (bio-type vehicles) enable characters to freely fight while riding. Flying mounts are utilized as key tools in aerial combat and can be further grown to higher tier in residential ranches.”


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Jo Watt

I’m surprised no one mentioned the fact that Gunslinger wears “long goats”. Seems a bit odd to me.

Bruno Brito

Great art. I liked the dwarf technomancer. Can’t play as his race?

Toy Clown

I’m looking forward to this MMO. Only bad thing I see so far is gender-locked classes. Not a fan of those, but at least the two I have interest in are gendered of what I tend to play.

Kickstarter Donor

They said they are not planning to gender lock the classes in an FAQ

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

I like the steampunk design here … RIP City of Steam