The Stream Team: ARK’s save the sheep initiative


Last week, Massively OP’s MJ won the first sheepball match in ARK, and her prize was keeping the scoring sheep and her companion! Only now, she has to get them home safely. That can be quite the adventure in itself. If all make it home safely, there might be baby sheep in the future as the stream switches to a breed-athon. Join us at 12:00 p.m. for the winner’s run home.

What: ARK: Aberration
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 12:00 p.m. EDT on Saturday, May 26th, 2018

The show is over now, but we’ve embedded it here just for you. Don’t forget to check out past streams and playlists posted to our videos collection!
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Completely off topic, i’m sorry.
Any idea when you’ll run your next Subnautica stream on your own channel ?
Also, any hint as to where i can get that info without hijacking official MOP articles ?