PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is on the cusp of Sanhok, goes on sale for $20


After so very much build-up to the main event, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is finally ready to debut its brand-new Sanhok map on Thursday, June 22nd. The battle royale zone has gone through four rounds of testing, but that’s over now. The real fight is about to begin.

Sanhok is a four-square kilometer map that takes place on a Southeast Asian-themed island that’s a fourth of the size of the other two game arenas. Some of the locales on the island include an archaeological dig, a paradise resort, and a training camp.

“Although games tend to end a little more quickly on this tiny island, battles are still massive,” the devs promised. “Every game still features 100 players.”

The patch might be a good time for you to make good on that resolution to pick up the game, especially considering that it’s gone on sale for the first time ever. You can pick up PUBG on Steam for $20 through July 5th.

Source: Steam

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I just don’t get what’s fun about battle royale games.
Its 40% waiting for the game to start 50% running and 10% of action with 1:100 chances of winning.
Rince… Repeat…


It’s not fun.

You are spawned on a giant map.
There is no objective.
There is nothing to do.
There is no co-op.
There is no skill involved/required.
You just walk around, scavenge and try to survive.

You die and repeat.

It’s boring and sad that people are having fun with something so idiotic.

BR is a fad that will die out as fast as it became popular.

P.S. Where is you avatar from? Looks really awesome.


Looks like Order Of The Stick :D

Darrin Fesperman

Maybe to you it’s not fun, but to the million or more players that play PUBG daily it’s fun.

Technically “You’re not spawned on a huge map”, you’re in a plane and you parachute out where you want and then float to your destination.

The objective is to WIN the game. There is plenty of cooperation, especially in the 4 man squad games. There is also plenty to do, round up weapons, armor, get an airdrop, search for a vehicle, find a safe place in the zone, fight other squads, etc.

BR is popular and here to stay for now.

If anything has become stagnant it’s MMORPGS. When did the last really good one that kept your attention more than a few months come out? Don’t get me wrong, I love MMOs, been playing them since Ultima Online and will continue to play them when a good one is released. (Keeping fingers crossed for Ashes if Creation).


MMORPGs are stagnant, because they have reached the point where graphic improvements are irrelevant and gameplay mechanics are the same. There is the classic formula of themepark and there is the sandbox with the loot drop, and there is the hybrid of both.

Except that “sandbox” isn’t really unique or interesting. At least themepark MMOs give you something to do, “sandbox” ones have nothing for you under the guise of “you can do whatever you want”… Can I chop that tree and beat the shit out of the guy next to me with it? No. Can I dig a hole in the ground and build a secret underground lair riddled with deadly traps that nobody can enter? No. Can I breed two species into a new species? No. Can I pick up every grain of sand from the ground and do whatever I want with it? No.

That’s why “sandbox” is a lie, because they are all the same – a retard’s playground with limited gameplay hidden behind the facade of limitless freedom.

And themeparks are what it says – after you get off the main ride, there isn’t much else to do.

Hybrids between both aren’t very fleshed out either – remember ArcheAge? This one in particular tried to mix both genres and failed with both.

MMORPGs need something new gameplay-wise, not graphics-wise. That’s why they are stagnant, because nobody has the imagination and the courage to do something new. I don’t have either, but if I have an idea of revolutional gameplay I will make sure it becomes known to people.

As for Battle Royale – it’s just a game mode, if you take out TDM for example or Demolition and make it into a separate game, that’s what BR is. The moment people get bored with it it’s the moment when the genre will fail. Because those “games” (I mean one-trick ponies) have nothing else to offer.
BR is a momentary fad that will die as fast as it got big.

MOBA games were and still are a lot better in every aspect and will survive the BR craze when BR crashes and burns.

Also I only play classic shooters a-la Counter-Strike, namely:

Alliance of Valiant Arms
Blacklight Retribution
Ghost in the Shell First Assault
Black Squad


classic RPGs a-la Might & Magic, Wizardry, Ultima
MMORPGs – Classic WoW, ESO, etc.

And if hypothetically one day all but two genres of games disappear from existence and only Battle Royale and MOBA (which I don’t play either of) remain, I will chose MOBA games to play without even thinking, because MOBA is just better and BR is idiotic and people are beginning to realize it.

Vicarious Fan

I get why people have fun with them (although too much waiting just to die for me) that feeling you get when you finally win one or the tense moments when you are one of the last.

However I don’t get the appeal to PuBG as it’s just so generic looking.

It is interesting how Battle Royale style games are the next big bubble to burst.

First it was Doom Clones, then MMOs, then Moba’s and now Battle Royales.

Honestly I didn’t see this genre coming and I didn’t think this bubble would have come so quickly after Moba’s bubble burst.