Disgruntled Star Citizen players blockade a space station in protest over Arena Commander


Cloud Imperium has dropped a couple of new tidbits for Star Citizen fans to dig into this week with a new lore post and the latest installment of the studio’s weekly Around the Verse development videos. On the development end of the spectrum, the latest Around the Verse is all about the recently released patch 3.2 and the currently-in-testing patch 3.2.1. In it, Director Chris Roberts and VP of Marketing Sandi Gardiner recap the newly implemented mining system and improvements to the game’s quantum linking gameplay. The video also features a few short previews of what players can expect to find in patch 3.2.1, currently in testing on the PTU; the studio covers upcoming sound-design improvements, the upcoming “99% complete” touring module, and a sneak-peek into the process of designing the upcoming utilitarian habilitation environments, plus there’s a segment on player-led bug-fixing efforts.

Not everyone is happy with the current state of the game. According to Star Citizen player and prolific MOP tipster DK, the pause on Arena Commander has plenty of players riled up; a group of players were last night blockading the Cry Astro refuel/repair station, shooting at everyone who came near it in “protest” over the halt in AC development. “They blew up my 600i,” he tweeted. Reddit has characterized it as a “pirate takeover” and is warning players to avoid the area and the protest even while welcoming it as the “start of the emergent gameplay of Star Citizen.”

The lore piece digs into the history of the Imperial Cartography Center, whose efforts make interstellar travel in the Star Citizen universe possible through its work to map the known universe and scan the unknown reaches of space for new systems to explore. The lore post covers the organization’s background, spanning from its beginnings as the Government Cartography Agency to its vital role in the modern world of Star Citizen, and it’s sure to be full of tasty tidbits for lore-hungry fans.


Source: Star Citizen official site, Around the Verse, Reddit. With big thanks to DK!
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