Blade & Soul buffs up its subscription benefits in its False Idols update

It’s always a great feeling when you get a good bang for your buck. While Blade and Soul isn’t changing the cost of its subscription, it is making the premium membership more lucrative — and attractive — by adding several new benefits to the service.

Based on feedback from the community, NCsoft is adding a monthly supply of 20 outfit delivery stamps, periodic character alteration vouchers, a 20% discount on chromatic thread, and far better daily login rewards.

All of these subscription benefits will go live on July 25th with the False Idols update. You can peruse the full list of membership benefits on the site and decide for yourself if a monthly fee is worth it.

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Stopped playing all NCSOFT games long time ago due to the annoying 2 factor authentication that can’t be turned off.


As I have mentioned before, Blade & Soul at launch was not alt friendly. There were no benefits to having an alt. In fact, having alts was a negative experience given the grind, the rng and the fact nothing could be shared across toons.

My, oh my! How things have changed since then. About a year and a half ago, the light went on at NCsoft and the BnS team realized that one of their biggest selling points is the variety of classes and gameplay therein. That many players would stick around just to play different classes even if they weren’t into endgame or PvP. So they streamed lined gameplay (no side quests required, no rng drops), made most mats and cosmetics account bound and began to give daily rewards that specifically included a large helping of xp charms. And wow, the game blew up with alts and players did stick around just for the alt experience.

But, Premium (players that pay a sub) members were left out. The perks are decent, but once a membership ran out there was no reason to continue the membership because, in terms of content, nothing is locked behind a paywall or membership. Blade & Soul truly is f2p.

Well, I guess another light went on at NCsoft because they finally realized that the players that stick around to play their alts are also more likely to pay for the service IF they are rewarded. So, at the beginning of this year, along with all the perks of a membership, Premium members started receiving a daily stipend of HM coins which can be used to buy stuff from the cash shop including a Premium Membership.

And now with these latest additions, the costs to customizing and sharing outfits across multiple toons is minimized to almost nothing for members that love their alts. And in addition, the look of the alts themselves can be changed up to 4 times at no additional cost. Altoholics, rejoice!!

And so, if you like alts and variety in gameplay and combat, if you like story, and if fashion is a thing, Blade & Soul is a solid choice as a f2p game and as a sub service.

I play the game because I enjoy it a great deal, but it has been the evolution of the game that has kept me around. And it looks like that is continuing.


…now if they could double their character slots from the 10 they have now, this would really be the pigtail’s meow for me! <3


Lol. Exactly right. The irony is that before all the changes I mentioned no one cared about slots. And now there is an outcry to increase them by default.

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Forcing players to make alts to stay entertained is a double-edged sword, and it is a factor of which why I am not playing this game. Last time I made a bunch of alts was in GW2… at least GW2 has 3 sets of permutation with the starting place and personal story to keep things not too boring, but BnS has little remedy in this department. All you’re getting is learning a new class and a different looking character.

And that’s not enough.

I have been and will continue to cite two examples. PSO2 and FF14. Both games put effort in creating a world of content that can be experienced in just one character, and by doing so upped a notch in creating player immersion into their (only) character, and stay emotionally invested in the game.

My character count of BnS will stay as 1 in the foreseeable future. I’d love to change my classes (at least to what’s within the racial limit of my character). Talking about premium features that will cause me to stay around will be something like a permit to allow me add additional classes to my character (similar to unlocking skill tabs).


Well, I don’t disagree with your preference. However, I think that Blade and Soul specifically does have great combat and a variety of classes that many enjoy enough to start the story and process multiple times.

It is repetitive. However, in order to truly learn a new class this repetition is necessary and preferred. Instant 50s are available for purchase, but most of my clan mates do not use this option. The Kung Fu Master, for example, is a difficult class to master. Therefore, taking the time to run through the same old storyline is less of a grind because what is engaging is learning how to play KFM and most importantly tank.

It is possible to swap classes if the race supports the class. The learning curve isn’t vast and not prohibitive for some classes. But I don’t support all races being able to play all classes. The unique abilities for Gons to play Destoyers is, IMO, another feature given the size and strength of the Gon.