Grim Dawn preps challenge areas and the Shattered Realm for its next expansion


Don’t expect a relaxing luxury cruise with Grim Dawn’s Forgotten Gods expansion later this year; it’s going to be a rough-and-tough ride that will require players to be at the top of their game to complete.

Part of this toughness comes from its new game mode, which the team is calling the Shattered Realm. This instable instance will task players to dive deep and fast into it before a timer runs out and the treasures disappear. Just to make things even more interesting, the further players progress, the harder combat encounters become.

And if you want to really test your mettle, why not take a dip in the challenge areas? These zones use difficulty scaling to great effect, ramping up the danger while increasing drop rates. “All this combines to making your loot hunt more dynamic each time you play,” the devs said.

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Run, Atreyu, run!! (I couldn’t help myself.)

I might finally hop aboard the Grim Dawn train. Diablo 3 isn’t really doing it for me anymore and I think I would enjoy a new loot’em’up.

David Blair

Do it! Join us! Or, you know, wait for the next sale on GoG or Steam to get it at 7.50, then snap up the Malmouth Expansion with it… last year they discounted the main game when Malmouth came out, so I’m guessing the same will happen when Forgotten Gods comes out.

Castagere Shaikura

Another great game with a horrible quest tracker/map. Just like POE. Really talented devs working on these indie games but they seem to blow it when they get to the map and quest tracker. Reminds me of EQ2’s map which only works part of the time. Because with each update they ignore adding new features to the maps.


I will say that is the only thing about Grim Dawn I find disappointing. Finding an area which needs dynamite to blow open, which I don’t have enough of, and then having to try to find that area again cause it doesn’t show on the map.

Otherwise though I am having a blast in Grim Dawn.