Bless Online: Server merges, compensation, and ‘summer camp’ with daily rewards


Bless Online’s planned western server merges are live as of today as 15 servers merge down to four, two per region. Neowiz has compensation planned, of course, and the rules for how guilds, character deactivation, and character names are lengthy.

“As compensation for the server consolidation maintenance, Premium Membership buffs that were active during the maintenance time will be extended by 24 hours. However, please be aware that players must connect to the game within the 7 day period from July 25 (after maintenance is complete) to August 1st (08:30 PDT) to receive the buff extension. 1,000 Lumena has been added to players’ account inboxes as an expression of our thanks to users who have waited for server consolidation.”

Have you missed out on the whole summer camp experience this season? The good news is that you can get a virtual taste of it thanks to Bless Online’s new summer camp login event. Starting today and running through August 31st, players can grab a free reward every day by logging onto the fantasy MMO and clicking on a single button. You’ll want to be faithful in doing this, as you only get better rewards by logging in cumulatively.

There’s a host of rewards that include taming scrolls, chili meatloaf (yum?), rare lucky spirit chests, and all type of consumable. Perhaps the two most attractive rewards are the Gurglegurg pet skin and the Bird Wannabe Ducky mount skin. Rubber ducky, you’re the one who makes MMO gaming so much fun!


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I don’t want to judge a game, but I never heard a situation where a server merge was good. ever.

Kevin Németh

There’s two sides of this:
– Yes the game’s population went down quite significantly since release (bad)
– But there were people stuck on low populated (pretty much dead) servers who couldn’t enjoy group content so with this they finally can join the rest of the playerbase (good)

Also if you are wondering why they had this many server at the first place, this is how they handled the initial wave of people on launch.


Well.. even in the good scenario it still means that populations are too low to support the number of servers they had.

ArcheAge is still going and they were the poster child for failed MMO management. So Bless has a chance.

Roger Melly

It was for lotro because after the mergers people knew they could be on servers with decent populations and many people who hadn’t been playing returned to the game and also there was a rise in new players .

While it shows an over all and inevitable decline since the game was released they also can be a positive thing and stem the flow of that decline and even boost the remaining populations .

Kickstarter Donor

15 servers down to 4? Ouch.