Paragon Chat now features City of Heroes supergroup base building, complete with import

Cool times.

If you’re wondering what that sound is echoing over the horizon, it’s just every City of Heroes fan freaking out about the return of one of their favorite MMO features to Paragon Chat. What used to be a mere chat shell that used the former game as a hangout keeps expanding its roleplay and social featureset — including the brand-new addition of player bases.

That’s right, supergroup bases are back in Paragon Chat, and the best thing is that if you happened to have saved yours from City of Heroes before it shut down, you’ll be able to import it into the game.

Base creation, importing, and editing is here with Paragon Chat’s Issue 2. The team stresses that since the program doesn’t have supergroups, the bases are associated instead with characters and accounts. Also, functional items cannot be used, although the team hopes to implement teleporter functionality in the future. That said, there’s a lot of potential and options for making, copying, and visiting bases without any worry of cost.

Need some base building tips? The team has you covered!

Source: Paragon Chat, tips. Thanks Way Too Late, Tahquitz, Captain Electric, and Yrys!
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