London Spitfire topped this weekend’s Overwatch League world championship as second season franchise buy-ins climb


The Overwatch League’s first season grand finals have wrapped up, and the London Spitfire has emerged as the world victor. The Spitfire shut out the Philadelphia Fusion by the end of the second match with a 3-0 win.

The event was the culmination of a much-ballyhooed first season, which took place over 40 matches this year. The grand finals took place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, with 22,434 people attending to watch the highly competitive esport showdown take place. It was even broadcast live on ESPN, ESPN 2, Disney XD, and Twitch.

So other than bragging rights, what do the members of team Spitfire get for their win? They walked away from the grand finals with a cool million dollars lining their pockets. Don’t feel too bad for the Fusion, however, because they still got $400,000 for second place.

ESPN is reporting that Blizzard has already picked up a new team, Atlanta, for the second season. The second season slots are “expected to sell for $30 million to $60 million,” according to ESPN’s sources. (The first season was $20M a pop.)

Check out the match highlights after the break!

Source: Overwatch League, press release
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