Secret World Legends adds super-challenging faction missions

It’s not quite a full-fledged content update, but no Secret World fan has ever complained at the addition of new missions to the game. This week there are four more quests in Secret World Legends fans to enjoy along with some spiffy new rewards to earn.

Three of these missions are repurposed content from the original TSW that offer various difficulty modes as a way to work your way up in your faction. “These missions provide extra challenge aimed at seasoned agents, and competing your ranking missions unlocks the remaining iterations of your faction uniform, an additional Agent Network mission slot, a brand-new Agent Dossier, and new faction-specific headgear,” said Funcom.

There’s also a brand-new mission called Public Enemy Number One that wraps things up in South Africa. Players who beat that and finish up the zone’s meta-achievement will get a funky monster suit as a reward.

You might want to hold off on doing one of these faction missions, however, as there is a bizarre bug going on with Venetian Missile Crisis that is causing players to hear everyone else’s phone calls. Which is a lot like real life, we suppose!

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