Revelation Online has officially launched on Steam with free welcome packs

Happy Steam launch, Revelation Online! Yep, as promised, has ported the free-to-play game to Valve’s popular platform all official-like as of today. And it’s not even using the early access tag.

“Publisher is proud to make its breathtaking massive multiplayer online role-playing game Revelation Online available on the Steam marketplace for new players to finally experience the award-winning title. The game hits Steam in full force, with seven classes and nine expansions worth of added game modes, rewards, dungeons and housing, providing a massive MMO experience sure to both challenge and enthrall players as they explore the varied and far-reaching lands of Nuanor.”

Worth noting, newbies are going to be picking up freebie welcome packs just for jumping in. Additional paid starter packs running up to $64.99 are also available.

The game originally soft-launched in the west in 2017, with plenty of content along the way – including housing. This past May, merged its Western and Russian dev teams too.

Source: Press release, Steam
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Only game I ever felt so scammed that I chargebacked a purchase…

Nick Smith

I tried this game out after they cancelled cloud pirates. Bleh… they should have cancelled this game instead. It felt like every other generic asian mmo. Pretty… but bleh.

Blade and Soul is the only asian mmo ive actually really liked.


I recently made a character in this game and was logged in for about a full minute before I was like, “Dear god no” and uninstalled.

With that being said, if being on Steam helps people find this game and they turn out to enjoy it, awesome.

Kickstarter Donor

Remember the good old days when game trailers actually included gameplay?