Shroud of the Avatar teases Polynesian cosmetics, example player-built dungeons


Does Polynesian stuff make sense in Shroud of the Avatar? At this rate, may as well! The game’s latest newsletter shows off some of the new themed items so you can roleplay Moana in Britannia II. How far you’ll go!

Portalarium’s other focus this week is continuing sneak peeks of its upcoming player-made dungeon system, which is due out by the end of the year. Right now, the prelude items are trickling into the game’s storefront.

“The included static example dungeons, complete with creatures and loot, will vary in point size and difficulty level and can be used until the player built dungeon feature goes live. When the player built dungeons feature goes live in Q4 2018, the example dungeons will vanish and be replaced by an entry room but the player will receive the blueprints to all the pieces needed to rebuild the dungeon (some assembly required!). Player built dungeons will be expandable and customizable with in-game craftable rooms and/or Add On Store rooms. As a bonus the Add On Store Dungeons include a Unity asset pack of dungeon rooms and hallways that you can experiment with using Unity which is free for non-professionals to download!”

Finally, the devs feature a player’s hard work creating a searchable database of in-game prices, and they’re running a merchant contest and leaderboard to reward folks with the most sales.


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Songs for Children

This game is so ugly. Where did the millions go?

Not into the graphics.


Imagine Project Gorgon having these resources. That game is what SotA should have been.

Kickstarter Donor

See, this always seems odd to me. You’re giving players tools to create content…but then are either locking many things behind a paywall or behind in-game methods. On the one hand I get it, it’s an easily monetized feature and it’s something that you can easily create some in-game time-sinks around.

But at the same time that notion seems to be in direct contradiction to the whole point of player created content. The goal should be to make it as easy and streamlined a process as possible, giving players as big a toolkit as you can to let them create compelling, interesting content that’s worth highlighting. But by whittling the pool down to folks working with basic toolkits vs. those who have unlocked more that’s limiting the number of potential creators and consequently potential dungeons.

Unless I’m totally reading this wrong or have misunderstood how it works in the game. But the whole, “the coolest player content creation items/tools cost money/take tons of time to farm!” approach just never made sense. Players are doing the developers are service by creating content, with developers needing to spend far less time managing/curating what eventually (ideally) becomes a pool of core creators regularly making content. But hey, I could (and probably am) looking at this from the wrong PoV.

Daniel Miller

Got to admit, can’t say I care for the game, but would love other mmos to offer this.