WildStar fans start a petition to urge NCsoft to save the game


Ninety-two days, folks. That’s how long some City of Heroes fans stood with their signs and their drums on the steps of Paragon City Hall, protesting the sunset of their beloved MMORPG. Neither those protests, nor the offers of money or petitions, had any effect on NCsoft’s decision; Paragon was already gone.

That knowledge isn’t stopping WildStar’s fanbase from trying the same thing, however. One player named Azami Starflower has begun a Change.org petition begging NCsoft to save the game, echoing many of the thoughts Eliot put down in our own eulogy – that the game’s colorful ingenuity really deserves better than an unceremonious shutdown.

“Please don’t let this treasure of a game go down as just another failure. It deserves to be recognized for what it is,” the author writes.

Just about 2000 folks have signed this one so far. We wish them all the luck in the world, but if City of Heroes’ fate is any guide, they’re going to need a lot more than luck – and a lot more than signatures.

Source: Change.org
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Jonny Sage

If each petition includes $1000 they might be able to do it!


Saw an ‘interesting’ take on the whole Wildstar/NCSoft situation that could explain a lot, if true – https://kotaku.com/1828872909 (Link should go to a specific comment on an article that claims to be an ex-Wildstar dev on a burner account.)

Loyal Patron

Up front I can’t say that the same applies to Wildstar.
I have a friend that was working at NC Soft at the time that the CoH shutdown was announced. He was telling me that there was no chance the fans were going to convince NC Soft to save the game because the computers and hardware from that division were brought to his for whomever needed/wanted them. So there wasn’t anything there to bring it back. That doesn’t mean anything to the chance of NC Soft selling the IP to someone else, but the company themselves had already made up their minds.
So while I wish these fans the best of luck, past actions say it won’t have an effect.


Enjoy your game in the next few weeks, but NCSoft does not share the toys.

Castagere Shaikura

Maybe these people should have played the game instead putting energy in a petition.

Axetwin .

Has the game even seen an active playerbase of 2k in the past year? if the answer is no, then these people don’t actually want the game back. They want to take comfort in knowing it’s always there should they return sometime later on down the line. It was the same for Marvel Heroes. This is what we call The Toonami Effect.


While I do get what you’re saying, you can’t compare this to Marvel Heroes. Marvel Heroes was destroyed by the “Omega” / “BGuE” updates. Marvel Heroes would have had to revert to the old version to be able to return.

Gazillion killed their own Marvel Heroes game by turning the more open world PC version into an on-rails dumbed down version to match the upcoming console release. There were a great many players still around to play the game before they changed it with those updates.

Wildstar doesn’t have an old version to go back to that still had a great many players around. It’s a very different issue. That said there aren’t enough people still there to support Wildstar sticking around.

NCSoft doesn’t usually give many chances, but Wildstar has been coasting for a long time with multiple chances and re-launches given to it. It’s hard to blame them this time.

Cosmic Cleric

This is what we call The Toonami Effect.

As someone who watches the network (LOVE Attack on Titan), and who read this, I still don’t get what you meant. Can you elaborate?


Pfff, I kind of got a chuckle out of the idea people thought that petitioning NCsoft would ever get them to save Wild Star….. you do realize this is NCsoft we are talking about right?


Yeah i learnt my lesson the first time with CoH, never ever play a game ran by NCsoft.

Danny Smith

All 12 of them really need that douchebag nonemedy humour that badly? I mean its not like they are going to stop shuttering the game because a few people liked housing. This had like 3 soft relaunches that didn’t take. Ships sunk, there wasn’t an audience. Time to move on.

Perhaps just play aion and whisper a sad ‘c-cupcake’ and pound a can of boomerjuice everytime they level up or something.


Not many played it, what good it will be to “save” it if some ~100 people are gonna play it?


ncsoft tried everything with this game.