WildStar fans start a petition to urge NCsoft to save the game


Ninety-two days, folks. That’s how long some City of Heroes fans stood with their signs and their drums on the steps of Paragon City Hall, protesting the sunset of their beloved MMORPG. Neither those protests, nor the offers of money or petitions, had any effect on NCsoft’s decision; Paragon was already gone.

That knowledge isn’t stopping WildStar’s fanbase from trying the same thing, however. One player named Azami Starflower has begun a Change.org petition begging NCsoft to save the game, echoing many of the thoughts Eliot put down in our own eulogy – that the game’s colorful ingenuity really deserves better than an unceremonious shutdown.

“Please don’t let this treasure of a game go down as just another failure. It deserves to be recognized for what it is,” the author writes.

Just about 2000 folks have signed this one so far. We wish them all the luck in the world, but if City of Heroes’ fate is any guide, they’re going to need a lot more than luck – and a lot more than signatures.

Source: Change.org
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