Star Trek Online introduces new versions of two classic ships

Not so ugly now.
The Ambassador-class ship in Star Trek Online is an odd ship, a clear forerunner to the Galaxy-class popularized in The Next Generation that occupies an unusual spot on the game’s ship hierarchy. So how would you like to fly the prototype version as a remade support cruiser? The game is rolling out new versions of the Ambassador-class for Federation players and the Vor’cha-class for Klingon players, taking these older designs and enhancing them, cutting new lines, and crafting ships that look at home alongside more modern craft.

Both ships feature what are meant to be top-secret temporal systems allowing the craft to do weird things to the flow of time in combat, as well as serving in a support role on the field of battle. There’s no precise timeframe for the release of these new ships, but expect them sooner rather than later.

On a wholly unrelated note, you can also play some random task force operations with the developers on Wednesday if you’re keen on playing on the test server.


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Castagere Shaikura

Another 30 dollar ship.

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Glad to see the ships, although I must confess that I’m still not a fan of the default black-and-white “zebra shading” Cryptic likes to use as the default color pattern for many of its newer Federation starships in Star Trek Online. Happily, it can be easily altered at an in-game “ship tailor”.

My opinions only, of course,

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“We’ll make it one for the history books.”


Players have wanted a T6 Vor’cha for a long time. And the Andrew Probert version of the Ambassador looks great.