TERA’s Happily Evil After PC update is live today

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Today, En Masse Entertainment released the latest major content update for the PC version of its action-combat MMO TERA. The update, titled Happily Evil After, sees the return of some of the most sinister foes from TERA‘s past, including The Imperator, Pahoegar, and Dakuryon, with whom players will do battle in the new-and-improved Shadow Sanguinary dungeon. Those who chose to brave the threats of the Shadow Sanguinary dungeon will be aptly rewarded with updated and empowered loot, and all high-level dungeons will grant players new crafting materials that can be used to create brand-new Ethereal accessories.

The update also brings with it new Dakuryon pets that can be tamed to assist players by auto-looting and auto-gathering, among other useful benefits. And of course, as with pretty much any major patch, the Happily Evil After update also brings a handful of balance tweaks, this time to the Priest, Reaper, and Berserker classes. To cap it all off, players can also experience new quests as part of the Two Banquets questline. You can check out the full patch notes over at the game’s official site.

Source: Press release, Official site
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Good old TERA. Probably the most underrated success in MMOs. It just keeps on keeping on. Good to see even though I’m busy elsewhere.

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Jack Pipsam

The cute outfit revenue will keep it going for a while :P