Bethesda wants Fallout 76 to last forever


According to Bethesda’s Vice President Senior VP of Marketing Pete Hines, the studio plans for its upcoming Fallout 76 to last until, well, the apocalypse. In an interview with Metro, when asked how long he foresees Fallout 76 lasting, he responds simply, “Forever.” When pressed on the matter, he elaborates, “Well, [people are] still playing . . . Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Those games have been out for four and seven years . . .. So Fallout 76, our timeline is in perpetuity.” He adds, however, that “what that content is gonna be, and what that’s gonna look like, I’m not sure.”

Before Bethesda can figure out what the future of Fallout 76 is going to look like years down the line, Hines says, the studio needs to see what the players want: “Part of our thing is we need to get people in the game and see how they respond. We’ve even taken this approach for past DLC,” he says, pointing back to 2008’s Fallout 3: “The big consume reaction when we launched that game was that they were all upset that it had an ending,” so the studio formulated the game’s third DLC to be one “that removes the ending of the game and allows you to continue on.”

You can read everything Hines has to say about the long-term prospects of Fallout 76, plus myriad other details on the upcoming entry in the popular wasteland-wandering series, in the full interview over at Metro.

Source: Metro via Gamespot
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