Fortnite player arrested for threatening to kill an 11-year-old opponent


This week in why we can’t have nice things, a grown man apparently threatened to kill a little kid who beat him in Fortnite.

Yesterday, New York’s News 12 reported on the arrest of the 45-year-old man, Michael Aliperti, who was arraigned by police for aggravated harassment and “acting in a manner to injure a child.” Police say he used his XBox to threaten to shoot the 11-year-old who’d just dunked on him in Fortnite, even telling the kid he knew where he went to school. Yikes.

“Mr. [Aliperti] did not directly threaten the school, but he did threaten the 11-year-old stating he knew where he went to school, so that was good enough for us,” police told the news station, noting that security patrols at the school have been increased.

Hey, maybe just don’t threaten anybody over a freakin’ video game, especially one designed such that you almost never win anyway, then you’ll never find yourself in the middle of a school shooting threat criminal case.

Source: News 12 Long Island. Thanks, Anon. Note, Aliperti’s last name is given two different spellings in the source article.
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Bruno Brito

Good. Take a timeoff from society and try to behave a bit better, will you?

Person Dude

Just going to leave this EC video here:


45 year old idiot. Heh. Is that new? It isn’t. But his threatening a child over a video game? Yeah, that is a bit more nuanced. Because usually, 45-year-olds and 11-year-olds aren’t competing in games. It’s no excuse whatsoever, but it should serve as a warning to other 45 year idiots.

But… well they are idiots so, who knows?

One more note. I like many of you have played Fortnite and there is no question there is a wide cross-section being covered. You can assume your squad or duo mates are preteen or younger, or older tweens, or mid-life crisis adults and or Youtubers and or Twitchers. Whatever the case, just know that what happens in that game of any significance will be online and recorded forever.

I myself am in a youtube vid. The victim of a notorious streamer, I was killed while peeking my head out of a doorway, and then I was berated as a noob. It was my few minutes of fame and I’m quite proud. Although, I will never tell anyone exactly which vid I make my debut in.

Fred Douglas

“Gamers are misunderstood!”

David Goodman

I think the worst part about this is it made me think about how close to 45 I was.

For shame, MOP.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

This is why I don’t allow voice-comms when my kids play on the PC or PS4. It’s a simple solution, but works a treat. They hear enough swearing and threats from me anyway. ;) :D


Anger, rage. Why are these always the response from people today? Possibly, we are witnessing way too much in our lives. We as a society need to stop a minute and relax. Being competitive is one thing, but it is NOT life itself. Yes seems was just a month ago, that someone was shot due to taking a “game” too seriously and answering with anger and rage.


Prison, no internet, problem solved (at least for a few years).

Robert Mann

People… proving ourselves our own worst enemies since we first existed. :(

John Artemus
John Artemus

As I’ve always said, it’s the “adults” that act WAY MORE childish on the internet and in video games than kids do. Way more. Not even close.