Torchlight Frontiers posts Milestone 13 post-mortem, discusses development progress and new features


The team at Echtra Games has been hard at work and recently completed Milestone 13 for its upcoming Torchlight Frontiers. In the milestone post-mortem posted on the official Torchlight subreddit, Product Lead Jordan Womack runs through the ups and downs of Milestone 13’s development and highlights some of the features that have been added to the latest build of the game.

On the positive side of things, Womack says that the team is pleased that it was “able to keep development moving while releasing a game build and having people out of office, a good sign for the future when [it’ll] be running the live game at the same time [they] make new content.” However, in what Womack calls the “‘Do Better’ section,” the devs “need to increase the builds-per-day that get to QA so they can keep up with everything coming into the game.” Oh, and the studio is also looking to hire a full-time community manager, so polish up those resumes if you’re in the market.

The team seems to have added a fair number of new features in Milestone 13 as well. The post says that “Weapon sharing is caught up for Forged and Dusk Mage,” meaning that the two classes can now use any of the standard, non-class-specific weapons in addition to their class weapons, and the foundation has also been laid to allow dual-wielding, “but that’s a future project,” Womack says. The devs have also implemented the Mapworks device, which allows players to generate maps that scale to their levels. The Mapworks is “the foundation for a more complex progression system that players can use to augment their power beyond the levels found in the main game world.”

The post-mortem also announces that the devs have “added more areas and quest lines to the goblin frontier” and that “Work on the third frontier is coming along fast,” and the team’s next step will be “a detailed dressing pass and fleshing out the POIs & quest content.” For the full details on Torchlight Frontiers’ Milestone 13, you can check out the full post over at /r/Torchlight.

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Castagere Shaikura

This is the only game i’m looking forward too. Just hoping that they can keep PWE from screwing it up.

Indigo Salma

This game has all my attention right now. I’m really looking forward to playing it.