World of Warcraft is buffing tank and healer Azerite traits, making PvP balance changes


This week’s regularly scheduled World of Warcraft maintenance is bringing with it a number of tuning adjustments focused on tank and healer Azerite traits. The Azerite armor trait adjustments seem to be buffs pretty much across the board. The changes aren’t 100% final yet, but if the tentative changes are any indication, this update should be warmly welcomed by tanks and healers who found their Azerite traits to be a bit underwhelming.

Meanwhile, on the PvP front, players can expect some balance changes coming the morning of Monday, September 24th. Most of the changes seem to target PvP talents, though some affect Azerite traits, and others affect certain class abilities directly, though it should be noted that the changes are specific to PvP and should have no effect on any class’s PvE performance.

Some of the biggest changes are targeted at healers, with Resto Druids and Resto Shamans receiving some pretty severe nerfs. Beast Mastery Hunters also take a pretty big hit, as their pet’s damage will now be reduced by 18% while in combat with other players.

Community Manager Lore notes in the official post that the devs are “planning another round of balance updates for the near future after this round, which will include changes for other specs (including Warlock and Death Knight).”

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