EVE Online coalition war is brought to an end through a shady backroom treaty

Please, just... potter less.

If there’s one constant in CCP’s free-for-all space sim EVE Online, it’s that someone will always be at war with someone else, and with war comes juicy drama for us to read about. Such is the case today, as Kotaku reports that a long-running war between the coalitions The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Imperium have signed a treaty to end hostilities, at great cost to the Guardians, who will be surrendering 40 Faction Fortizar structures valued at “somewhere in the ballpark of $6,500” US.

The full story behind the war is long, but perhaps more interesting is the story behind the peace treaty: Apparently, it was “brokered in utter secrecy at the topmost levels of each involved alliance,” among them the infamous Goonswarm, without the knowledge of the majority of the involved coalitions’ players. The treaty included a clause that swore the signees to silence about its existence, with the intent that “leadership on both sides would pretend that the deescalation of hostilities was a natural ending and that a transfer of assets was not involved.” Obviously that didn’t work out, as the treaty was leaked, causing uproar among the involved coalitions.

It’s another fascinating tale in the annals of EVE history, and if you want to know the full details behind the war and the backroom dealings that brought it to an end, the full report is worth a read.

Source: Kotaku
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