APB Reloaded is turning its premium fee into a recurring subscription

Happiness is a warm gun.

Well here’s an odd one to be writing in 2018: APB Reloaded is getting a subscription. Technically, it already had a premium upgrade that you could buy every month that had the stuff you expect out of a sub anyway, but now it’s becoming a lot more convenient – and automatic.

“Tired of manually re-upping every month by hand? We are pleased to announce the implementation of a subscription service for Premium through our payment provider, Stripe,” GamersFirst writes. “If you decide that you no longer want a subscription to Premium, all you need to do is cancel your subscription and the payments will stop. Want to start it back up? Just resubscribe. You will still be able to purchase Premium with G1C on a single-transaction basis with G1C, but there is no subscription service at this point in time that will automatically deduct G1C from your account. (Although we hope to get this implemented sometime in the near future!)”

Do note that the sub appears to be only for PC players and that G1 recommends players wait until their last premium upgrade runs out before subbing. Also worth pointing out is that the month-to-month sub is pretty cheap for an MMO: It’s only eight bucks for pretty significant bonuses to currency and experience, cash shop discounts, and faster ability cooldowns.

MMO players will recall that APB Reloaded developer GamersFirst was acquired by Little Orbit last spring, leading to a bit of a refresh for the games, including the new website we mentioned earlier this week.

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Theres literally less than 100 people online in Jericho server, and the districts arent even full. Lets do something about the hackers so people want to play…not mess around with sub fees no one cares about…


It’s not the Hackers, It’s the fact that it’s been the exact same content since forever. There’s nothing to keep people playing, just the same old, same old.


My reason for quitting all those years ago was hackers. A game can have all the content in the world, but if I’m not enjoying it because xXLilDuckXx is killing me through three walls, I’m absolutely not going to give that game the time of day after that.


As I said yesterday:

“I was hoping this might save APB Reloaded. Instead they unbanned all hackers, implemented a new anti cheat software which doesn’t work, made changes to weapons and mods no one was asking for, and the population is half of what it was when they bought it.

It’s in a crash dive at the moment and they won’t acknowledge the actual cheating or the other real issues. The legitimate players have all but left leaving the hackers as the only financial life support left.

Sad to see it end this way.”


If only 99/100 players you run into werent hackers. Fun game. Hackers ruined it.