Elder Scrolls Online is giving away a free mount – if you can hang with its upcoming holiday events


Massively OP’s MJ took a tour of the gorgeous Elder Scrolls Online Summerset reward house last night, and it’s a reminder that ZeniMax is not doing promos in half measures – the house is spectacular.

I say that first because ESO’s next event also has a sweet reward, though this one’s a mount rather than a house. It’s called the Nascent Indrik mount, and it’s pretty much a ki-rin.

“Traditionally found roaming the isle of Summerset, Indriks are especially powerful magical creatures, and they can provide a challenge for even the most experienced adventurers. While it is possible to hunt them in the wild, it is now also possible to acquire one as a mount, too!”

To get one on your account for free, you’re going to have to take part in four different events from Halloween through New Year’s, so the goal here is clearly to get people logging in and sticking around. If this is all sounding weird to you because you remember when ESO didn’t even have holiday events, I hear you – but free mount. Smack this on your calendar and get ready to go out and collect some feathers:

  • Witches Festival: October 18 – November 1
  • Clockwork City Celebration Event: November 15 – 26
  • Undaunted Celebration Event: November 29 – December 5
  • New Life Festival December 13 – January 2
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