Crowfall talks grave-digging and body-stitching in latest update


Earlier this week, ArtCraft Entertainment published a piece that delved into Crowfall’s vessel system, in which players with the Necromancy crafting profession can create new bodies that players can possess, making them into playable avatars. Today, Design Director Thomas “Blixtev” Blair is back to provide players with even more details on how exactly Necromancers will go about creating powerful new vessels.

Vessels, like all other items in the game, have various quality levels ranging from common to legendary, with higher-quality vessels receiving a variety of bonuses such as higher base attributes, more attribute points on level-up, and additional maximum health. The quality of a vessel is largely dependent on the parts used to create it, and to get higher-quality parts, Necromancers will have to seek out graveyards within the world and start digging. The Necromancy process will also rely heavily on Alchemy, through which players can create different solutions that will determine the base attributes of a crafted vessel, allowing Necromancers to tailor vessels to their clients’ needs. For more details on the vessel-crafting process, including some step-by-step examples, check out the full post on Crowfall’s official site.

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I lost interest in Crowfall as the combat appears “meh”, but this is such a badass concept.

Riccardo Tavano

I’m not a backer or anything, but i think it’s best to “wait” about judging that kind of stuff.
At least if you mean the graphical side of combat. Combat animations and effects are generally something that gets polished later on…certainly it’s not a main focus of a pre alpha.

If you mean the combat system itself, there’s still a fair bit of time for a revamp of that too.