Dauntless dev Phoenix Labs leads financing round to secure ‘a couple years of runway’


Indie developer Phoenix Labs, creator of cooperative action MMO Dauntless, announced this week that it has secured substantial funding thanks to “a Series C financing led by Sapphire Ventures, with continued support from Everblue Management and other current investors.” This news comes in the wake of Dauntless’s open beta phase, which the studio says “surpassed two million players on PC” since its open beta earlier this year. According to Phoenix Labs CEO Jesse Houston, “The latest funding will help expand […] live service operations at Phoenix Labs and create new and exciting content even faster, keeping the heart beat of Dauntless steady and vibrant for years to come.”

Although Phoenix Labs has not disclosed the exact amount of funding it has received, Houston told GamesIndustry.biz that it’s enough to give the studio “a couple years of runway.” Houston calls Dauntless’s open beta a success, saying that it “went better than [Phoenix Labs] could have possibly anticipated, in some cases like 5x-ing [its] most aggressive estimates. And the growth over the past four months has continued to be strong.”

And according to the official press release, Dauntless fans have plenty to look forward to: David Hartwig, Managing Director of lead investor Sapphire Ventures, pledges that Phoenix Labs has “ambitious plans for 2019 that will shake up the online world in new and exciting ways.”

Want a recap on the game? We took a long look at PAX West last month, and we hopped in when the beta opened as well:

Source: GamesIndustry.biz, Press Release
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Filippo Chinello

The game is actually worth it (now).
I got super bored of MH and moved with my guild here to find out the game is super populated and matches of 4ppl start immediately.

Prices at the cash shop are a little too high to me, many of my friends are not buying anything because a single costume is almost 15€

As for the updates, the new weapon is super fun and surprisingly balanced with the others, they are also releasing a new behemoth today so we could say they are investing on their game more than capcom on mh lol


I wish them luck but as someone who is a big fan of hunting games and has played just about all of them (that have been released in English anyway) Daunltess ranks really low for me, about the only series I find more boring is God Eater.


Just turn it into a Battle Royale already with deadly monsters in the mix.

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The dream of crowdfunding – be owned by faceless venture capitalists who don’t care whether you are making guns or video games.

So much better than being run by publishers. Isn’t it?

Kickstarter Donor

They need to fix their cash shop prices or they are never gonna pay that money back … And 2 years of what? Continued development or just maintenance?

A game that is making money wouldn’t need to take on more debt / investors by shipping their open beta numbers.

I’m one of those numbers and I haven’t touched the game in months, much less spent a dime on their shitty cash shop.